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Dental Fillings

Our dentists at Knoll Family Dentistry help Yorba Linda, California, area patients with unique dental needs. From simple cleanings to full mouth reconstruction, our team is committed to providing the best possible care for patients of all ages. Drs. Eliza Berris and Aravinda Shetty welcome individuals seeking routine treatments, including dental fillings for tooth decay.

What is tooth decay?

Our team describes tooth decay, or “cavities,” as areas where the natural tooth enamel has been damaged due to poor oral hygiene habits. Tooth decay can become more prominent and more pro found, impacting the dental pulp within the tooth’s canals and sometimes causing an infection. Toprevent this, areas of decay that are found should be treated with dental fillings as soon as possible.

How do dental fillings work?

Dental fillings are placed when patients have an area of decay. Our dentists start by removing the dental erosion from the tooth and preparing it for the filling. The filling, which uses a material known ascomposite resin, is then placed to seal the tooth and keep the decay from progressing further. This can also help patients who have had sensitivity and pain due to tooth decay to alleviate the issue

How long will a dental filling last?

Composite resin bonding is a strong material that can last several years before it may require replacement. We encourage patients to continue to visit our dental team every six months after the placement of a filling so we can monitor its integrity and ensure it is functioning correctly and protecting the tooth. Some large fillings may require our dental team to top the tooth with a dental crown for extra strength, which may also need replacement with time.

Have you been diagnosed with tooth decay?

If you require a filling, we invite you to call our dental team at Knoll Family Dentistry of Yorba Linda, California, to seek effective treatment. We are conveniently located at 19851 Yorba Linda Blvd and are open to new and returning patients of Placentia, Fullerton, Brea, Anaheim, Chino Hills, Tustin Foothills, Rowland Heights, Walnut, Tustin, Diamond Bar and Santa Ana, California communities. Call 714-777-9403 to schedule a visit with Drs. Eliza Berris and Aravinda Shetty today!

Don't have dental insurance?

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Don't have dental insurance?

No problem. We can help!

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